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22nd May 2017

We provide regular tree checks, risk assessments, as well as tree strategies and management plans for landowners, occupiers or managers with a duty of care.

Duty of Care

For all sites and land with trees that have public access requirements, such as schools, churches and properties that border footpaths and roads, our tree survey specialists will provide the two annual tree safety reports required (one when they are in leaf, and one when out).

As a registered Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) user, we are qualified to determine the probability of “tree failure” or in more human terms, whether or not there are significant benefits or dangers posed by trees. The tree owner or manager can then manage the benefits and potential risk and any cost involved with a management plan.

QTRA is an internationally trusted and recognised method which is used to assess the future safety of trees on clients’ sites and land, providing guidance and reports which meet with their Duty of Care criteria.

Professional Tree Inspections (PTI)

These inspections are designed to assess the health of trees, and in relation to their immediate environments, establish their safety – to highlight whether or not they pose a risk. Our findings from these will inform the duties and liabilities of the tree’s owner, manager and inspector.

We undertake professional tree inspections using visual and audio equipment, and may need to climb or use equipment to gain a better overall view of the tree and use decay detection or measurement equipment.

Data will be collected regarding physical, environmental and biological defects and any requirements for special attention such as amenity, wildlife, historical, veteran, rarity and public access. The information gathered can then be used to plan and act on any recommendations or findings to enable a workable management plan.

WRC is fully qualified under the Arb Association and Lantra to undertake professional tree inspections.

To find out more, or to book your next tree safety check, please get in touch.

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