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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

3rd February 2017

We do get quite excited about new kit investment!

The quality of our tree surveying services are rooted in years of working knowledge and accurate use of the latest inspection equipment.

Our investment into the IML-RESI PD400 Microdrill means we can more quickly establish the age and future safety of trees. Its accurate readings provide us with a reliable indication of decay, helping us to predict the future health of trees, while also identifying potential hazards.

WRC’s expertise in diagnosing trees which present a risk, coupled with our experience in carefully managing trees in public spaces and on highways has seen us recognised as an approved contractor for local authorities. We have recently become a preferred supplier for ad hoc tree inspection services for Devon County Council.

It’s now very common for insurers to ask for tree reports, to validate land owner duty of care for open access land.

Please feel free to pick up the phone or contact us to find out more. Our tree survey and inspection services are also employed by domestic and commercial clients.

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